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The Scalp Studio offers a wide range of solutions. What sets us apart is that each solution is uniquely tailored to each of our clients, and with that personalisation, the cost of a complete treatment package can vary considerably. But The Scalp Studio pride themselves in being transparent about our pricing - despite the limitations above. We hope some of the guidelines and estimations give you an approximate cost associated with The Scalp Studio's SMP treatments. 

Pricing Summary
Prices may vary depending on the specific requirements of each client.
Price / Session

Can't see what you're looking for?

We tailor each of our treatments individually for our clients - and the perfect solution can be a combination of areas - to get the most accurate pricing for an overall treatment package, drop in for a FREE consultation - you will be surprised how affordable SMP really is!


1 / Hairline                                   S$300 - S$700

Recreate natural hairlines with precision, tailored to suit your facial features and if required enhancing facial symmetry.

2 / SIDES & NAPE                            S$300 - S$700 

Treating sides, side burns and nape of the neck will help achieve natural-looking results that seamlessly integrate with existing hair

3 / DENSITY FILL                            S$800 - S$1500

Suitable for where you have noticed thinning along your parting and across your crown area but have no large "bald areas". This technique reduces contrast between scalp and hair, giving illusion of more volume and a youthful appearance. 

4 / SHAVED "BUZZ" CUT DESIGN     S$1200 - S$1500

For those with a shaved "buzz cut" this technique gives you a uniform and consistent appearance, with no "shiny" bald patches. Prices will vary on area to be covered.

5 / SCAR CAMOUFLAGE                  S$300 - S$500

Transplant scars/ Alopecia/ Burns/ Keloid

6 / touch up

All touch ups will be 25% of the original price quoted for a 4 session package (to cover original treatment area)


At The Scalp Studio, our years of experience have taught us that achieving optimal results with SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) in Singapore typically requires a minimum of four sessions. This recommendation is rooted in several crucial factors that influence the longevity and effectiveness of the treatment. Read more to learn about factors affecting successful SMP.

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