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We are proud to launch our ...
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4 - DayScalp MicropigmentationMasters CertificationCourse

Unlock your potential with The Scalp Studio's SMP Course!

The Scalp Studio promises a curriculum that balances essential theory with extensive hands-on practice.

Gain confidence and refine your artistry in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) under expert guidance in a supportive environment.

Graduate as a certified SMP artist, ready to make your mark. Invest in yourself and transform your passion into expertise.

We are thrilled to launch our very own Scalp Micropigmentation Masters Certification Course! 

This intensive 4-day program not only covers essential theory but also provides hands-on practical experience with SMP application on real-life models. In an unregulated industry, it's crucial to stand out - and our course is the gold standard in training. 

Delivered by The Scalp Studio's founder Kate Cheung and Singapore's leading SMP expert,  you are guaranteed exceptional standards of training and skills development.


Kate, who was personally trained by industry legends Matt Iulo of Scalp Micro USA and Michael Kuomis of Scalpology UK, The Scalp Studio brings the same top-tier SMP training to Singapore. Invest in yourself and a promising career in SMP - the fastest-growing solution for dealing with hair loss.

DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to train with the best in the business.

Secure your spot and take your first step towards becoming a distinguished and trusted SMP professional.

Why certify with The Scalp Studio?

Gold Standard in SMP Training in Singapore

"The Scalp Studio 4-day Masters Certification Course" offers a comprehensive and seamless integration of theoretical knowledge with practical application.

This balance ensures a holistic learning experience, allowing you to experience first hand, the effective blend of these two crucial components.

This course will make you stand out in the SMP industry as an SMP artist and ensure you hit the ground running.


Key Information

Duration: 4 days (in person)

Training hours: 10:00am – 17:00pm (inc. 1hr lunch break)

Location: 67a Haji Lane, S189260, Singapore

Start dates: Various – during March

Size of groups: Maximum 5 trainees per cohort

Trainers: 2 fully qualified SMP artists 

Cost: SGD $ 5000 (inclusive of GST)

Ongoing support: 1 year support from The Scalp Studio's in house experts as well as your training cohort.

Materials & Equipment

Ensuring you are set to go upon certifying

Training Manuals (English)

Part 1 - Theory & Part 2 - Practice

Covering: In depth coverage of hair loss, health & safety, working with clients, to everything you need to know about the SMP process, machines, needle selection, pigments, and SMP techniques. They also serve as a reference point when you dive into the practical aspects of the course - drawing hairlines,  performing SMP etc.

Starter Kit - including cordless SMP machine, SMP needles, pigment, practice skins - these are the same quality and brands we use in The Scalp Studio

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Training Materials - all materials needed for the practical aspects of the course, including provision of life models is provided by The Scalp Studio

What's covered?

Over the 4 days ...
There is a balance of theory and practical to ensure maximum engagement


Explanation of SMP

Skin & hair anatomy

Types of hair loss 

How SMP can help

Assessing hair loss & establishing appropriate treatment plan

Machines, needles, pigments

Health & safety

Client consultations

Preparing equipment

Hairlines - guidelines

Understanding pigment placement

Day 4: Theory Test

Covering topics studied over the course


Drawing hairlines on:

Face templates

3-D face moulds

Head mannequins

Learning to use equipment:

Handling machine

Handling needles

Blending pigments

Practicing pigment application on:


Latex Skins


Life Model experience:

Drawing hairlines

Performing SMP (bald & thinning scalp)

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pictures for training course web page_ed
pictures for training course web page_ed
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