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Why 4 sessions?

At The Scalp Studio, we take pride in our exclusive focus on scalp micropigmentation. Our founder received direct training and mentorship from the foremost SMP artists worldwide.


Continuously refining our techniques and processes, we've adapted to unique factors in Singapore such as weather conditions—intense sunshine and humidity—and physiological considerations specific to those both native to AND unaccustomed to equatorial climates.

To cater to our clients' needs in Singapore, we've made adjustments to our needle selection and pigment choices, always maintaining the highest global standards in the industry. These adjustments ensure we meet the specific requirements of our clients while adhering to industry best practices.

Over the course of our journey, The Scalp Studio established a minimum of four SMP sessions for the most natural-looking and long-lasting results - find out more by reading below.

Benefits of 4 sessions

In scalp micropigmentation (SMP), we recommend a package of four sessions to ensure optimal results for several reasons.

Minimize Pigment Degradation

Firstly, in locations with strong UV light exposure like Singapore, pigment degradation can occur more rapidly, necessitating multiple sessions to maintain the desired appearance over time.

Body's natural acclimatization to organic pigment

Additionally, the body's natural response to the introduction of a foreign substance, such as pigment, involves a degree of rejection and acceptance. After the first session, a significant portion of the pigment may be rejected as part of this natural process.

Avoid "flat and dark" pigment on scalp

To avoid an overly dark or unnatural appearance, we gradually build up the pigment color across the sessions, ensuring a natural-looking hair follicle coloration.

Accommodate individual's physiology

Moreover, each individual's physiology and lifestyle factors can impact pigment retention differently (e.g. excessive sweating; outdoor job). By assessing pigment retention after each session, we can tailor subsequent treatments to the unique needs of each client, ensuring optimal results.

Ensure long-lasting results

Furthermore, assessing pigment retention allows us to determine if the pigment has been deposited correctly within the dermal layer of the skin, ensuring the most effective and long-lasting results

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